A Wasted Year in New Zealand

Na internetu je k nalezení nepřeberné množství video kompilaci z Nového Zélandu. Následující krátký shot – teaser vyšel na profilu Clementa Solliera a považuji jej za jednu z nejpovedenějších upoutávek.

Nyní po téměř dvou letech vychází film, a myslím si, že je to dílko více než povedené. No však posuďte sami:

Everything feels like a dream. It feels like we’ve never been there, like it’s too hard to even sense the feeling of the wind in my hair, the black sand in my palm, and the call of the tui bird..
Hopefully, I had a camera, and a whole year, sharing with my only one love, a tiny van, to work and travel across the country which was for us, the other side of the world.
What I’m showing you today is a proof to myself that we did it, me and Her, and a reminder to try as hard as we can to remember every single moment we shared together, the good and the bad ones, when love becomes too violent to handle, when time is running out, when your legs can’t carry you anymore.

One year in New Zealand is a once in a lifetime experience, and if you’d ask me if you should do it too, I’d say YES MATE ! 
But bring the best partner you have, that’d save your life.

Filming : Fanny Mazenoux & Clement Sollier
Editing : Clement Sollier
Sound design : Nicolas Velasco & Clement Sollier
Title font : Mamie Loup Illustrator : instagram.com/mamieloup/

Gear : 
– gh5
– DJI p3
– pilotfly H-2

Songs used : 
– Lisa Gerrard : Waka in the sky (whalerider ost)
– Mumford and sons : The Cave
– Howard Shore : Bag End (LOTR ost)
– M83 : Waking Up (Oblivion ost)
– Sébastien Tellier : L’amour et la violence (Boys Noize main version)
– Ramin Djawadi : The winds of winter (GOT ost)
– Benjamin Britten : Songs from Friday Afternoon – Cuckoo! (Moonrise kingdom ost)

Thanks to all the people involved in this film, 
from our first friend we met on the road, Tomy, Antoine and Guillaume; 
Tony, who was a great source of help, work, support;
Dave, the only one;
the lovely Jennifer & Oscar I shot the wedding, 
Show us your tatts for what you did for Fanny,
To all the people who watched to movie before we released it and helped improving it.


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